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Bofors Flagpole Levante
  • Bofors Flagpole Levante
  • Bofors Flagpole Levante

Bofors Flagpole Levante


Bofors-Flagpole type PSW3, made of orientated reinforced fibreglass, flagpole in the flat sphere 360 degrees turnable, easy turnable all around, with internal halyard system, surface dyed white Gelcoat, with horizontal and vertical fibreglass fabric inserts for maximum strength and rigidity, one-piece cylindrical basic tapered towards top, with hot-dip galvanised safety foundation set, can be folded above the ground and adjustable for precise positioning, with anchor rods M20 x 600 mm in length, rope pulley in finial made of high-strength aluminium, white, aluminium outrigger tube, silver anodized, with clip interlock, flat sphere in white, including halyard, winch system, handle, aluminium angle-fastener, 4 slings and 1 ball weight, mounted in the lower flagpole region, easy turnable all around, height above ground .. m.

dimensions available:

Pole height


  6 m

30 kg

  7 m

32 kg

  8 m

33 kg

  9 m

36 kg

10 m

47 kg

11 m

49 kg

12 m

53 kg

14 m to 22 m flagpoles are available on request.