Your Added Value for:

Architects / Planners:

Phone consultation during preliminary planning phase regarding production possibilities to realize special designs or to adapt existing products according to environmental factors and customer requirements.


Graphic presentation for products via CAD, digitally processed in elevation, top view, cross section and isometry can be dispatched by mail to the desired P.O. Box.


Creation and transmission of expressive tender texts specifications for direct implementing in submissions.


Provision and consignment of hand samples in timber, steel, HPL,…


Personal visits at your office or directly at the construction site for major projects - detailed presentation of products and services.


Business / Customers:

Fast and uncomplicated pricing of submitted specifications, based on current terms, on demand also alternative products from competitors stocked with detailed pictures.


Elaborate order confirmation with all essential product characteristics and accurate commercial documentation of pricing, terms of delivery, delivery time and terms of payment, additional for special designs with dimensioned release drawing in elevation, top view, cross section and isometry.