Premium Bollard


Steel, construction material S 235 JR, hot-dip galvanized according to DIN EN ISO 1461 and powder coated in three assembly levels through sweep–blasting, priming and application of a top coat colour RAL 9010 pure white with 3 pieces red photoluminescent strips   o r   DB… iron mica fine structure matt   o r   RAL …. smooth silk-gloss according to DIN 55633 after category C5 (heavy anti corrosive coating).

Available measurements in mm:

Model Diameter Height ab. Gound
stationary, for embedding 102 900
stationary, for dowelling with base plate 102 900
removable, with triangular key operated lock, for embedding 102 900
removable, with cylinder lock, for embedding 102 900


Options / Accessory:

- colour coating  
- triangular key  

- chain-eye, steel, 1-sided

- chain-eye, steel, 2-sided  

- chain, steel


- steel s-hook


- steel link


- snap hook

- steel clevis  
- ground socket, steel, galv. for 70 x 70 mm bollards  

- cover for ground socket, spring loaded locking

  mechanism, for 70 x 70 mm bollards


Mounting Options:

- for embedding

- for dowelling