Kick Scooter Parker


Stainless steel, construction material 1.4301, powder coated in three assembly levels through sweep–blasting, priming and application of a top coat colour DB… iron mica fine structure matt   o r   RAL …. smooth silk-gloss according to DIN 55633 after category C5 (heavy anti corrosive coating).


The retaining elements for the handlebars can be securely locked with galvanized yellow over layers, lined with EPDM cellular rubber tape to prevent damaging the handlebar. It can be locked off with a padlock.

Available measurements in mm:

Model Scooter Length Depth
1-sided  8 1700 175
1-sided  10 2000 175
1-sided  12 2300 175
2-sided  16 1700 290
2-sided  20 2000 290
2-sided  24 2300 290


Options / Accessory:

- colour coating 



We recommend not to galvanize the yellow cover with a powder coating, as mechanical stress of the cover is possible when the lever is turned.

Colour Recommendations:

RAL 1023 (traffic yellow)
RAL 1028 (melon yellow)
RAL 2009 (traffic orange)
RAL 3020 (traffic red)
RAL 4006 (traffic purple)
RAL 5017 (traffic blue)
RAL 5018 (turquoise blue)
RAL 6024 (traffic green)
RAL 7042 (traffic grey A)
RAL 7043 (traffic grey B)

Mounting Options:

- to be embedded in concrete

- bolted down on base plates (total height 500 mm)