Gala Planter Box


Made from aluminium, construction material Al Mg3 H22 according to EN AW 5754-H22, all seams TIG welded and polished according to DIN 1712 section 3 / DIN 1783, powder coated in three assembly levels through sweep–blasting, priming and application of a top coat colour DB… iron mica fine structure matt   o r   RAL …. smooth silk-gloss according to DIN 55633 after category C5 (heavy anti corrosive coating).

Available measurements in mm:

Capacity Ltr.
l. Width l. Depth u. Width
u. Depth Height
  350   700   700   900   900   600
  940   900   900 1200 1200   900
2100 1200 1200 1500 1500 1200


Mounting Options:

- bolted down on ground surface

- mobile positioning

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