Saphir HPL Waste Canopy


Steel, material S 235 JR, hot-dip galvanised according to DIN EN ISO 1461 and powder-coated in a 3-step process by sweep-blasting, priming and applying a top coat in colour DB 703 micaceous iron ore, fine structure matt.


Surface of the trapezoidal sheets strip galvanised and coated on both sides. Inside polyester coated in the colour RAL 9002 grey white, outside coated in the colour similar to RAL 9002 grey white.


Overlay made of duromer high pressure laminate (HPL) according to DIN EN 438-6, with highly effective weather protection according to DIN EN ISO 4892-2, double-hardened, decor colour on one side, surface lightfast, scratch-resistant, solvent-resistant, hail-resistant, frost- and heat-resistant, easy to clean,

bevelled edges, standard surface HPL (smooth) or special surface HPL (with structure), standard decor "Uni" according to selection  o r  special decor according to selection.

Available measurements in mm:

Roof Length Roof Depth Height above floor
9300 4800 2420

Options / Accessory:

- other dimensions on request  

Mounting Options:

- for dowelling at -200 mm on single foundations

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