Meta O/2 System Deck


Steel, construction material S 235 JR, hot-dip galvanized according to DIN EN ISO 1461 and powder coated in three assembly levels through sweep–blasting, priming and application of a top coat colour DB… iron mica fine structure matt   o r   RAL …. smooth silk-gloss according to DIN 55633 after category C5 (heavy anti corrosive coating). 

Side cladding made of material adapted to the level of the terrain, such as the type of wood listed below, vertical battens or 2 mm galvanized, bent sheet metal, powder-coated in a 3-step process by sweep blasting, priming and the application of a top coat in the color DB... iron mica fine structure matt  o r  RAL .... smooth silky gloss according to DIN 55633 in category C 5 (heavy corrosion protection).

Surface made from Bilinga wood, a sustainable tropical hardwood, durability class 1 according to DIN EN 350-2 (highly durable)   o r   made from larch wood, softwood with good strength properties, durability class 3 according to DIN 350-2 (moderate durable)   o r   oak wood, a deciduous wood with good strength properties, durability class 2 according to DIN EN 350-2 (durable), all woods are from sustainably managed areas according to EU-Timber Regulation (EUTR), over 90% branchless in visual range, dried, planed and repeatedly honed, chamfered edges, wood surface comes in natural state.

Available measurements in mm:

Level 1   Level 2  
Length Depth Length Depth Height
5.000 3.500 3.000 1.500 400/800

Seating height (highest point) approx. 400 mm

Options / Accessory:

- other dimensions on request

- Tree opening(s), round or square

- Inspection opening(s)

- Color coating of the steel substructure
- Color coating side panel (thin sheet)

Expert consultation under phone: +49 4 31 / 6 49 23-26

Mounting Options:

- for underground anchoring

- for dowelling

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