Meteor Aluminium-Cast Iron Seat


Frame with aluminium- cast alloy according to EN AC-51300 DIN 244, permanent anticorrosive build-up, top coat colour DB…iron mica   o r   RAL .... smooth silk-gloss according to DIN 55633 after category C5 (heavy anti corrosive coating).

Surface made from Bilinga wood, a sustainable tropical hardwood, durability class 1 according to DIN EN 350-2 (highly durable)   o r   made from larch wood, softwood with good strength properties, durability class 3 according to DIN 350-2 (moderate durable)   o r   oak wood, a deciduous wood with good strength properties, durability class 2 according to DIN EN 350-2 (durable), all woods are from sustainably managed areas according to EU-Timber Regulation (EUTR), over 90% branchless in visual range, dried, planed and repeatedly honed, chamfered edges, wood surface comes in natural state.

Available measurements in mm:

Model Length Depth Height
2-seater 1250 700 890
3-seater 1650 700 890
4-seater 2000 700 890

Seating height (highest point) approx. 420 to 550 mm,
variable due to embedding the laterals with base plates into the ground below finished floor level.

Mounting Options:

- to be embedded in concrete

- mobile positioning / bolted down on ground surface